Deniz our turkish volunteer


Hello, I’m Deniz. I’m 22 years old. I live in Turkey. I am studying Computer Science and Engineering. I am currently in Romania and this i...


Karolina the Estonian Fairy


Hello!My name is Karolina. I’m 18 years old and come from a small village that lies in the south-eastern part of Estonia. Currently I’m a ...


Hilal, our medical student


Hello my name is Hilal. I’m from turkey . I’m 23 years old I’m a fifth year medical student. I volunteered at my school’s hospital for two years...


Irem our one of the Turkish volunteer


Hello, I’m İrem, 23 years old, I come from Turkey. My interest in different countries has existed since my childhood. Visiting different countri...


Rimantas our Lithuanian dog lover


Greetings! My name is Rimantas, I´m 21 years old and I come all the way across from Lithuania, where I was born and raised. In my free time, I like ri...


Lukas is our youngest volunteer


Hello everyone! My names is Lukas I’m from Lithuania and I will be volunteering in Cristuru Secuiesc till September 14. I’m 18 years old just finished...

Our Projects


Let’s STOP bullying!


The Youth Association from Transylvania is organizing this youth exchange in a little town called Cristuru Secuiesc, the nameof the project is “Let’s ...


EU-WISE Young Citizens – Consumers


EU-WISE Young Citizens – ConsumersErasmus+ KA3 project within Call EACEA/34/2019, ‘Social inclusion and common values: the contribution in the f...


STEP 1 – the right step to be a volunteer


STEP 1 the right step to be a volunteerErasmus+ programme – KA204 Strategic Partnerships for adult educationProject number: 2020-1-PT02-KA205-006639FR...




RESCUERenewed spaces – U educate Erasmus+ programme – KA204 Strategic Partnerships for adult educationProject number: 2020-1-FR01-KA204-08...


Learning From the Past


Learning from the Past (so we are not condemned to repeat it)Erasmus+ programme – KA204 Strategic Partnerships for adult educationThis is an ext...

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Youth Association from Transylvania

ATA, the Youth Association from Transylvania is an organization set up in the end of 2011. Its founders all have extensive experience in the NGO field, by writing, managing and organizing local and regional projects, Youth in Action Exchanges, Initiatives, Voluntary projects and Trainings, and Leonardo da Vinci Mobilities. The objectives of the association is to enable youth from the Romanian region of Transylvania to take part as hosts and sending organization and be involved in European projects. This is the 3rd  project we are applying for as a new organization so we have past experience as an organization.
We aim to help develop, promote and represent the general interests of the communities in Transylvania by having volunteering based social, cultural, sporting, educational, recreational and professional training activities, and thus thus promoting the active involvement of youth in the perpetuation of ethnic, national and European values. 
The objectives of the Association are to:
a. represent the interests of personal, social, civil, professional, economic, sporting and recreational youth in Transylvania
b. ensure youth involvement in the conservation of traditional, folk, cultural and ethnic values in Transylvania, and to promote these values on a national and international level
c. improve youth access to opportunities offered for young people on a national, European and international level and offering information on this in our region, and
d. collaborating and forming partnerships with other groups, associations and foundations in Transylvania, Romania, in the European Union and worldwide.
 We constantly work with young people and young adults, through non formal learning methods and vocational trainings in order to help them acquire skills, competencies and attitudes which help them become more successful in daily life and employment. It is important for us to make the communities we work with to think about the welfare of all its components. 
We are an independent organisation, without any connection to ethnic, political or religious bodies.


Fodor Mózes
Nagy Géza Attila
Hegyi István
Györgyi Réka
Project Coordinator


Nikolas Varga
Aisling Dowd
Niko Hinz
Nadia Madoui
Sarah Coonan
Tola Fleming
Viktorija Gluoksnyté
Renata Watts


Albert Anita
Andrási Botond
Andrea Costaş
Anna Busch-Szabó
Apostu Nóra
Borbély Ágnes
Csomor Ágota
Deák Mónika
Fazakas Balázs
Fazakas Bence
Jánosi Norbert
Karda Zsolt
Kedei Csenge
Kiss-Antal Csaba
Márton Csilla
Mátéfi Ágota
Mátyás Zalán
Miklós Dóra
Milutin Atanackovic
Molnár Timea
Pál Zsófia
Papp Renáta
Péter Zsuzsa
Rácz Renáta
Szabó Petra
Székely Andrea
Szilveszter Szende


Country: Romania County: Hargita City: Székelykeresztúr Address: Kriza János street, Nr. 11



+40 752 932 141

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