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  • New volunteers in Cristuru Secuiesc

    On October 1st 9 volunteers arrived to Romania for the ESC excperience in Cristuru Secuiesc to be a volunteer in Youth Association from Transylvania. There were three flows of volunteers from 2017 and on 1. October arrived the last one. Read More
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We are embarking on a new adventure as we will host 24 European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers in Cristuru Secuiesc in 2019 and 2020 through an already approved project. The candidates have the choice to be active in 8 different areas: support person for entities working with disabled youth (1), kindergarten (2), herbalist (3), news portal (4) and host organization (5) support person, up-cycling education (6) and puppet show group (7) manager and as promoter of rural traditions (8).

 From 23rd to 28th November 6 youngsters from each country (Romania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia) switched from the cold winter to the hot Cartagena for one week and participated in a youth exchange.

On 21.-27th November, in Cristuru Secuiesc, took place a Youth Exchange EMPathY: Emotional Management - The Path for Youth. There were 42 people from Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The air is saturated of the burned kerosene by the planes and the yard outside the airport is full of snowdrifts on the ground: when I left the airport of Venice, it was snowing, unlike here is a sunny and cold day which welcomes me to Romania.

Maria is from Estonia, she is 19 years old and is a volunteer in kindergarten where she is teaching children English.

The Youth Association from Transylvania joined the Youth in Progress and Partnership for Equality and Exchange (YIPPEE) project to learn new methods and approaches and to give a new chance for the youth with fewer opportunities we work with to develop themselves by learning about Digital Storytelling and the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.