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  • ATA is Searching for 10 New EVS Volunteers

    The Youth Association from Transylvania - an NGO from Cristuru Secuiesc, ROMANIA - is looking for 10 EVS volunteers aged 18 to 30, from Greece, Hungary, Latvia and Spain. Activities would start in the first week of September 2016, lasting 10 to 12 months. Read More
  • Development Support for Transylvania + Ended

    The second long term EVS project organized by the Youth Association from Transylvania with a group of nine volunteers coming from 7 European countries, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia ended with the last volunteer leaving in December. The project title was "DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT FOR TRANSYLVANIA + ' and activities began in September 2014 and lasted between 8 and 12 months. This project was the continuation of the first EVS project of the association which had 6 volunteers the long term. Read More
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The herbalism project is run by two hungarian volunteers Réka Tóth and Ilona Gyulavics. Their work consist in collecting and process (when necessary), tea, jam, syrup and many other healthy and craft products, which can be sold by their two 'bosses'. Apart from this practical side of their work, they also have the chance to deepen their theorethical knowledge about herbalism.



Hey folks this is Uvis and Aybike, our project is Radio A.T.A. and we're going to tell you what we did during the last month:

The project leaded by Pablo Gomez, one of our Spanish volunteers, addresses the transformation of daily waste products into new objects with different utilities. The target group are children; and the methodology chosen is non-formal education through learning by discovering. In other words, children will learn by practice how easy is to 'create' leisure or fun reusing materials or objects.


During the last 7th of November our volunteers enjoyed their first intercultural night, the ROMANIAN NIGHT


After many explanations about the concept ‘Jam Session’, the event became reality on Wednesday the 9th of November.

In the 1st day of September 2016 4 persons from Portugal and 3 women from Romania headed up to Africa to spend 6 months there and be a volunteer of two African countries.