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Who is Alekks? What he wants here?

Why the Hell I`m here?
Hello! My names is Alekss and I come from a magical, far away land of Latvia. I`m volunteering here in Keresztur for six months. Honestly, theres not much to tell you. The most basic of reason why I chose to do voluteering work is because I can not stay at one place for too long, so I thought, if I`m moving I might aswell to do good. You know?


My project programme is working on a local radio, where part of my job is to tell the latest hapenings in the world and also talk abou what I find interesting. If You want to know more about me, I would sauggest the radio as a good way to get to know me. You can check the radio out at .
But enough about that, let talk about me some more.
I enjoy all thing old – antique stuff, arheological findings, old tales and such. Guess you can say I`m kind of a sucker for history and all the things that have happened.
Also if there`s any ancient traditions and customs of your culture, please share them, because that`s another thing I`m interested in. Maybe that`s goes into the ”interested in history” part, but I do like to learn about people of the ancient times and one of the best way to do this is to learn the traditions of different peoples.
And even though I wasn`t the best student in school, I do enjoy learning quite a lot, so if there`s anything You can teach or show me , I will be very interested in whatever this is.
I`m looking forward to this very strange chapter of my life and I`am pretty sure I will find oput a lot, both abou tmyself and about the world. Or at least Transylvania.