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Suzanne Darras

My name is Suzanne and I come from Champs-romain, a little village in France. I was nineteen years old when I decided to make EVS, in order to improve my knowledge and to bring my skills to an association.

Before coming to Romania, I finished my studies like Social Worker ( in animation, we learned how create an association, a project…) and I often worked in environmental association. (Le tri-Cycle enchanté, organization who fights against waste, and try to recycle most things, and awaken consciences to this practice.)

So, I came here in order to work in the “workshop activity” in partnership with Zsuzsanna.  Also, Romania was for me a very attractive country, both landscapes than native population. I think there is a lot of work in terms of recycling in this country, and I will be happy if we can contribute to this change.