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Tamta Japaridze

My name is Tamta Japaridze. I am 22 years old from Tbilisi, Georgia. I finished Tbilisi State University before coming here and my profession is journalism and masscommunications. In my country I worked as a PR and social media manager at a publishing house, but I have always wanted to live abroad for a while, get a new experience and share my knowledge. So, I decided to make EVS and I tried to find media project. That's how I got here, in Romania.

My project is about Radio. Me and my partner, Heni, are trying to have our show about youth, volunteering and other interesting topics. Also, I'm helping to our association to manage website and facebook page.

I really enjoy being here. In my free time I try to travel and discover Romania with my new friends. Besides travelling my hobby is to write blog about my experience and feelings.