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Local Radio station

DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT FOR TRANSYLVANIA, the 18 month, long term EVS project which has the Reference Number RO-21-106-2013-R2 has ended. All the volunteers left home and we are now in the evaluation and dissemination phase. Through this article we present the summary of the activities done by

Heni and Tamta in their radio activity.

This activity involved collaboration with a radio studio where volunteers could organize their own programs, do city recorded material for news, interviews, reports, etc., and to edit and publish these in their radio shows. They also had the task of promoting volunteer programs and funding programs for Youth and Adults mobility. The volunteers had the opportunity to do live or recorded shows. Thus, in the first month of activity the volunteers learned how to use the recorder, microphone, how to register voice on the street, in the studio, and how to edit various materials to news reports, show, music shows, dialogue, etc. They also learned how to use radio equipment during live broadcasts.

Next, the first 4 months for Heni and 2 months for Tamta, they recorded four shows for the Prima Radio in Székelyudvarhely, a town located 25 kilometers from Cristuru Secuiesc. In this period they went 4 times a week to Prima Radio studio where they helped in the work of the radio station.

After this, the volunteers relocated to Cristuru Secuies, to Vox FM Radio, a local radio. Thus, in the following months until the end of the activities, they have provided support to this radio. Activities here have included editing recorded music programs and airing them 2 times every week, interviewing city mayors, persons of interest for the news, either by phone or through visits and participation in radio shows and competitions based on dialogue by phone.

Through these activities the volunteers made more than 50 music programs and discussions, running every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. They did interviews in the city or by phone with more than 30 occasions and participated in nearly 15 live broadcasts. They also promoted EVS and opportunities to make mobility in Europe.

In addition to these tasks, they had a personal project which was to be held for the community. Tamta and Heni organized a reading day, where the 15 participants read a short story, analyzed and debated it and watched documentaries and movies inspired by the short story.

Here is a brief movie about their experiences: