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Local TV station

DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT FOR TRANSYLVANIA, the 18 month, long term EVS project which has the Reference Number RO-21-106-2013-R2 has ended. All the volunteers left home and we are now in the evaluation and dissemination phase. Through this article we present the summary of the activities done by Dori and Arpine who did TV support activities.

This included activities where they video recorded for news reporting, events and happenings in the city and the region and created videos for TV studios. They also had the task of creating portraits of personalities from the region, documentation and promotional materials of EVS activities and projects organized by us. Unfortunately the TV studio in town was closed in the early stage EVS and for this reason we changed the structure of the activity in the sense that without a TV studio, we created a news portal www.keresztur.infoof the city where the videos were posted by volunteers. In this context, in the first month volunteers had a period of accumulation of knowledge about the inner workings of a TV studio. They did this by going 3 times a week to DunaTV studio in Székelyudvarhely. Here they learned how to use video cameras, microphones, tripod and video editing programs.

Then, the volunteers continued their work in the EVS house, from where they went to locations where events and happenings, there were filmed, did interviews and afterwards edited and posted news footage or materials on the news portal. In addition to videos that were news, the volunteers created videos about EVS activities and about the projects of the Association. These videos were posted on YouTube and on our web pages.

Although the volunteers worked together, some projects were done individual, in the sense that filming is usually done together, but editing and publishing was done individually. Thus in general Dori made videos about city news and local events, while Arpine was doing more videos about EVS activities and projects, promoting the Association. This was not a rule but how volunteers have divided the tasks between them in most cases.

In addition to these tasks, they had a personal project which was to be held for the community. Arpine organized several activities in local schools where pupils were presented Armenia and where they learned traditional dances of Armenia.

Dora created a series of 5 portraits about a person from the nearby village of Ruganesti, Ms Zsuzsa, who introduced the occupation of collecting and distributing products derived from medicinal plants and herbs.

Here is a brief movie about their experiences: