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Recycling and up-cycling education manager

DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT FOR TRANSYLVANIA, the 18 month, long term EVS project which has the Reference Number RO-21-106-2013-R2 has ended. All the volunteers left home and we are now in the evaluation and dissemination phase. Through this article we present the summary of the activities done by Suzanne and Zsuzsi who did recycling and up-cycling activities.

They were responsible for promoting and starting workshops for children and young adults, organizing weekly educational workshops, creative recycling of creating decorative items, household decorations, with these groups. Besides this, the volunteers organized local events and workshops in schools and neighboring villages of Cristuru Secuiesc.

Zsuzsi came in early September and Suzanne in early November. For this reason, Zsuzsi was the one who did activities of promotion and recruitment of participants for workshops. First workshops were organized only for children between the ages of 8-15. These workshops were held in the EVS house week after week. 37 workshops were held with a group of 9 children.

During February-July 2014 there were 12 workshops in six villages, which were held at schools, cultural centers and the headquarters of the NGO. They also organized workshops for several classes of the 3 high schools in the city. They did 9 different workshops for them. Since the beginning of July, the girls began workshops for youth, attended by 11 young people between the ages of 16-25 years, every week. There were 14 such workshops organized.

In November and December 2013 volunteers recycled objects created for winter bazaar which was attended with success, with objects that had winter and Christmas theme. In January and February 2014 volunteers recycled objects created for Spring Carnival, this was attended successfully with recycled objects that were themed for Carnival and Easter.

In addition to these tasks, they had a personal project which was to be held for the community. Zsuzsi drew and painted throughout the volunteering event and in the 9th month of activity she organized an exhibition in a restaurant in town where the drawings and paintings have been exhibited to the public for a week. Suzanne organized a food exchange event for the community. Volunteers and the community met in a public park and exchanged dishes prepared and brought, After this, discussions followed about eating habits and the foods were eaten together.

Here is a brief movie about their experiences: