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Péter Dániel

My name is Daniel Peter (Péter Dániel in Hungarian). I came from Miskolc, Hungary. I am study at University of Miskolc, Faculty of Technical Earth Sciences and Engineering as Geographer. I come to do the astronomy project with Maya. I have a lot of idea for the promoting. When I saw that advertisement on the facebook, and I don’t know why. I just want to come here. Why Romania? Because I’ve never visited Romania yet, so I think I gave a chance to explore Transylvania, meet some new people etc. At the moment I don’t have a plan inside the EVS, but I have a year to make one, but I want to create some geocaching boxes near Cristur (I would do it as a hobby, because Cristur is a lovely place, and I hope, some cachers want to visit the city (not only) for caches).