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Dobos Béla

My name is Béla Dobos, I am 20 years old. I was studying IT at Budapest for 6 years (4 year highschool + 2 for profession).   I come here for 1 year and I want to rest, teach and test myself because this is my first situation, when I am far from home for more months. Why Romania? The truth,how I directly selected Szeklerland (the hungarian part),because here everybody speak hungarian, so I have things with the communication. But we speak in english with the other volunteers, so it's good for learning other langueges and here the people respect the traditions in the mentality and in the working methods, I like it. I can see and try out how worked in the past (the agriculture, ..etc) I think it's so intersting and important for the development. I like Transylvania. In the summer I want to discovering this region. My hobbies: Reading/learning, traveling, rafting, football supporting. About my project: I come from Hungary to support the local radiostation (VoxFm) for 1 year. I started my project at 8th of September, so  work there already 4 months. What I do? I use to do top lists, playlists, telefoninterview, searching news, analyzing the songs and in a few times I   am co-presenter in the liveshows.