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Recycling at Christmas Bazar!


This year's Christmas Bazar was the 6th Christmas Bazar in Székelykeresztúr. The Bazar is already tradition in our little town, but in every year it brings new surprises and new "products". In this time it was like in the other years except one thing. On the Bazars row there was a new stand. 

In the town there is the EVS program what includes the  Recycling Activity. This activity based on two volunteers, who were involved in the Christmas Bazar. The turkish girl, Nesli and the german girls Annica, decided that they want to attend in the Christmas Bazare with their recycling products.


They started the work with the collection and buying of the stuffs. The girls tried to creat presents what are useful and the people can use it or just they can put out to the shelfs. In the finished products there were little lampions, gift boxes what are perfect to store little stuffs or for the jewerly and other interesting things what were decorated in Christmas style. 


The products were really cheap. The purpose was to represent how can wecreat some interesting and useful and moreover beautiful stuffs from the trash, moreover mediates the message that the Christmas is still not about the expensive gits. A small and creative gift  can be also exiting if we give it with love.