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Tomas Acosta Marquez

My Name is Tomás Acosta, I'm 25 years old and I came from Spain, from a city of the south of the country called Sevilla. I studied Sociology there for 4 years and after finishing my degree I wanted to do something really useful and helpful for the others and for myself, beyond of working with cold data’s and artificial PC programs.

I'm doing my EVS in Cristuru Secuiesc, a small but beautiful town in the middle of Transylvania, one of the most impressive regions of Romania.

Why I chose to do an EVS now? Because it was now or never! And I will never regret to take advantage of this chance because living in a foreign country, with people that you never have met before is the best way to improve myself as a person, become someone better and different at the same and know yourself as better as never have you met yourself before.

My project is the Upcycling and Recycling program which is, basically, reuse things with a new purpose and teach other how to do it by themselves. Is a really nice project where you can let fly your imagination and creativity, even when you thought that you have none.