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Environmental education in Hargita

In the small region of Harghita , four volunteers face each day the beautiful task of visiting the schools in the area, sometimes rural, sometimes in larger towns; to teach the children the importance of respecting and caring for the environment.



What do we do? Loaded with things, every week we go to the schools. We usually start with a presentation explaining the theme of the month and after this brief explanation we begin to work our imagination, to test our knowledge and those of the little ones. The themes that we have worked so far have been: pumpkins waste and plastic life. The next project will focus on water waste.

During these months working as a team we realized that doing crafts with the little ones was fun and even beneficial for the motor skills of their little brains, but it was not the most important thing, because the team thought we should go further, trying to find the balance between fun and learning, so we have been evaluating the responses of each of the classes in schools, and you know what? It seems that little by little they are more and more interested in participating in our activities and that makes us feel very proud of our work.


As for the environmental situation in Romania, is serious because it doesn´t promote the awareness of people with the environment, so I think our work here is really important.

Sometimes we find ourselves with the dichotomy of having to teach kids how to recycle without doing it in our own homes, since we don’t have a recycling plant. So at the same time that you are teaching, you are aware that the effort to take care of this precious country should come from the governmental spheres and not only from the awareness of the people who inhabit the country.

To finish I would like to talk about the situation regarding the environment in my country, Spain. When I was kid the situation was very similar as well as in Romania up until now, teachers used to come to explain us the importance of respecting the environment, but in a few years the situation has changed radically and people are aware of the impact of all the garbage that we produce to the environment. Is also true that I have lived all my life in a big city (Madrid) so the production of waste is very high and that is why we have been more aware.

To finish I hope our impact as volunteers who believe in the importance of what they are doing makes sense for the little ones and that we can leave a mark in their hearts so that they will start to "respect and take care of the place where they live".

Clara De La Rica, EVS volunteer