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Radio life in Cristuru Secuiesc

One volunteer, in Cristuru Secuiesc is in charge of the organisation's radio, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The aim of the radio is to educate people, and not only the local ones, about EVS, to spread inspiration and good vibes.


The work field is large which is a good thing in one sense. It gives a lot of freedom and opportunities to share numerous ideas and the things you might think that would be interesting to the listeners.
So far, the radio has done different forums and interviews. For example a forum on the controversial topic of gay rights in Europe and an interview with a person, who was in the middle of the chaos in Catalonia.
The interviews have also included people, who have shared their experiences and challenges while traveling with a small amount of money in Europe. Volunteers from different countries, who are right now doing their EVS here, in Romania, have shared their fears and expectations for the future regarding the experience of volunteering.
Besides working in the radio, i am also helping other volunteers when they need help. Sometimes supporting the volunteer of the herbalist, sometimes the volunteer who is in charge of the puppet show and sometimes going to the local schools to join the process of teaching children about recycling and saving the environment in the ways they can already do it.
Listening to good music is undoubtedly therapeutic. But even though i am not sure yet, how big of an impact my work will have on the local community in the end of my service, i feel that even if it gives just one person inspiration travel or to go and be a volunteer, i would feel as if i had accomplished my goal.

 Hedi Teidearu, ATA volunteer