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StartUp Academy Multiplication event

Our Association will organize a multiplication event where we will introduce the new plan of the project of international strategic partnership about the StartUp Academy 1. phase for the associations, institutions or other organizations and venturesome youth.


Appointment: 28. 11. 2017. Wednesday afternoon
15:30-16:00 Registration
16:00-16:20 Official opening ceremony
16:20-16:40 The StartUp project- The second edition, Presentation about the StartUp Academy’s curriculum
16 40-17:30 StartUp Pitches- Groups of 3-4 people have to create and present their new StartUp ideas- the best idea will be prized
17:30-18:00 A short break with some food and tea
18:00-19:00 Presentation of the results of a large-scale survey, paying particular attention to Romania
19:00-19:50  Discussion in a world cafe style
19:50-20:00 Presentation of further steps of the project


Participation is free! Everybody is welcome!