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Matteo Peruzzo

Sziasztok, I’m Matteo.
If someone asked me about Romania before coming here, my answer will be influenced by the conventional wisdom. After a degree and a period spent in a laboratory at my University, I wanted to change completely my routine taking a “gap period”. So, my choice was the EVS experience. When I received the opportunity for this position in Sékelykeresztúr, it was the first – of most other - surprise for me: the experience would be in Romania but the language would be Hungarian. Therefore, due to my curiosity both for the project and for the town, I joined this project and… here I am.


My project is to manage the Amateur Astronomy Club of Cristuru. Though, I studied pharmaceutical chemistry and for my Astronomy knowledge I need to go back to the last year of my high school - more five years ago -, I am always interested about this field. Moreover, astronomy is not only look stars or planets with the telescope, but it covers different subjects: biology chemistry, physics, geology and also the humanistic field. Thus, I think that I can give this club my contribution to develop it and my activity will be to organise the activities: the astronomical observations of interesting sky objects (for example, this year at the end of July there will be the Great Opposition of Mars, an event happens every 15-17 years. So, save the date!), the workshops to disseminate the astronomical culture, the promotion of the club activities using the social networks and the blog and other.
After this period, I hope to increase the appeal for the astronomy and to achieve my prefixed objectives for this project.

During the project, I hope to know better this country and particularly this region, with its tradition, culture, history and people. I’m sure that this period in this country will help me to develop with new skills and knowledge, and finally I want to enjoy this experience and the meeting of new people with different cultures, different habits, different languages and in above all different stories.