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Laura, one of our Angel!

Szia! My name is Laura, and I am a 23 years old Spanish girl. I am graduated in Criminology by the University of Malaga. I am going to spend 6 months in Székelykeresztúr, in ATA association, collaborating in Providence project. This is about helping disabled people to do different activities.



About myself I can tell I am a sociable, friendly, easy-going, open-minded and positive person. I am also very cheerful and I love people that smile as much as I do. I am very talkative, curious and creative. I like being always doing things, and it is because I don’t mind to have to work. I hate being on the sofa doing nothing at all. I love meeting new people, learning from them, discovering new cultures, and enjoying new and different plans. For me, life is a big adventure to discover. My hobbies are traveling (as much as I can!), music (listening to it, going to concerts, dancing and singing), reading good books, going to the cinema, watching series, enjoying the nature, and of course going out with friends, just for a walk or for a party. To sum up I love arts, be with people, nature, and live a fully life! All of these things made European Volunteering Service the perfect plan for me!
I applied for this EVS project because after my formation I thought it was the perfect time to develop other specialised and personal skills in different fields that I am really interested in. I knew about ATA association because I met some people from here in an International Exchange I did in Hungary in August 2016 and they told me they were also a hosting organisation. I am really motivated so I think I can be helpful, and at the same time I am living in a marvellous country with a totally different culture that I am already discovering. From this experience, besides all the good things I will get professionally, I hope to gain many good memories and the feeling of have done my best.
To work in the Providence Project is being a challenge for me but I am already learning a lot from the people I am working with and all the children so I feel really grateful to be here. Let’s see how the experience continues