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Beauty inside and out!

My name is Maria Inês Araújo, I´m 30 years old and I´m from Braga, a city in Portugal.


I´m a chinese medicine therapist and that´s pretty much my area of work since 2015/2016 which was the time I began to treat people with this millenarian medicine together with other holystic techniques that I´m graduated.
I am an initial apprentice of yoga and I do it a few times per week with meditation. Both things I also teached to friends, childreen (as a volunteer in a school) and in workshops I leaded.

I´m a vegetarian (in a way to be vegan) trying to live my life in the most natural way possible, with awareness, respect for all living things and with natural food.

I chose this EVS project in Romania because I thought Romania a very diferent place in Europe, specially from latin countries I´m used to travel. I also wanted to know Transylvania that seems to me so full of mysticism and beauty, and of course travel more around Romania in the baltic countries if there is time for that.
In this project I chose herbalism because it´s a field I want to know more about.

My expectations for this project are to learn more about some variety of plants, their efects, how to plant them, best time to plant, to pick, to work on them, etc. Also I´m very interested about knowing how to do destilations, tinctures, recipies of medicines, syrups, essencial oils, natural soaps, etc.