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Unemployed vs. Employee!




Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania!

1-8th of June 2013 will have the Youth Association from Transylvania - ATA organizing an 8 day 3.1 youth exchange in Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania. The exchange will host 40 young unemployed, freshly graduated or working participants from Eastern Europe, the Euro Mediterranean Area, Turkey and the EU who will gather in order to debate and discuss the issues and difficulties of youth unemployment in Europe and its neighbors, in order to find solutions for them. Together with 2 trainers, they will go through the fresh graduates rough steps to look for and find a job, from beginning to search, how to send applications for finding a job from a more complete and diverse point of view. 
The exchange will also give the opportunity to the participants to see how the human resources section of an international company works, where we will have an open dialogue on their standardized strategies of searching and recruiting employees. 
The aim of the exchange is to look to the full spectrum of problems and difficulties shown by the participants, the trainers and guests in finding employment as a young, inexperienced person, to identify solutions for these and to create a ’tutorial’ video as a tool for European unemployed youth to learn from in their ventures of finding a job. Self employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the profit and non-profit sector, will also be discussed and presented as alternatives to getting employed. All this will be done through non formal learning activities which will enable the participants to acquire specific skills, competencies, aptitudes and attitudes which will be recognized through the Europe-wide recognized detailed Youthpass Certificate.
We are looking for 5 Romanian participants for this project.