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SEASIDE - Youth Exchange

The youth exchange entitled SEASIDE - Save the Earth, Act and Stop Individuals from Damaging Environment! took place in Eforie Sud between the 14th and the 22nd of September 2014. and involved 30 youngsters coming from 5 different East and West-European countries: Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy and Hungary.

The main theme of the project was the environment protection of tourist areas.Unfortunately Romania is a bad example how a sea beach looks after summer season: tones of waste cover the sand. The attitude and behavior of tourists is characterized by indifference, they forget to throw the waste in the bins and leave traces of food and seed shells all around the beach. The other participating countries have also popular tourists zones but they can manage them more efficiently from the point of view of environment protection. That is why the information exchange between the countries related to the theme was very efficient.

During the project, the participants took part in presentations, brainstorming, round table conversations and other activities based on non-formal methods in connection with the situation of touristic areas from the point of view of environment protection.

We invited the representatives of ABA Dobrogea, who talked about the erosion of the seaside and their projects aiming to stop this phenomenon. The members of NGO Mare Nostrum Constanţa spoke about their efforts to protect the fauna and flora of the sea water and of the seaside, and especially the dolphins. 

The youngsters created and distributed flyers and posters aiming to invite the members of the local community to the waste collecting action. They alos made 2 huge banners for the waste collecting action. One of the banners illustrated the Earth with two faces (one clean and one dirty), the other the globe surrounded by hands and possible dangers which lurk the Earth.


The main activity of the mobility was the waste collecting action carried out on the beach of Eforie Sud, during which the participants collected around 200 bags of waste. The Digi24 TV channel made a video material about this activity.

The mobility also facilitated the intercultural dialogue and understanding between the youths coming from different West and East European countries through the intercultural night and the national cultural nights carried out by each participant group. 

During the project, the participants had the chance to develop a wide variety of key competencies, especially their civic competencies, initiative and entrepreneurship and communication in English, skills that will facilitate their inclusion on the labor market.

The acquired competences of the participants were recognized through the detailed Youthpass Certificates received by them in the end of the mobility.

The project was funded with the support of the European Commission through the Erasmus plus Program.