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Youth Exchange "Cartoonistas", Thassos


"Cartoonistas” was a creative project which will involved 30 young people  from 6       European countries, Italy, Turkey, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and  Greece, with  different geographical and cultural backgrounds. The artistic  and educational  program, was held in Thasos island Greece for ten days in  November.

The young participants had the chance to work in multicultural groups, exchange their knowledge and develop their communication, artistic and technological skills. They have met the art of making a cartoon movie, learned the basic techniques, experimenting with various ideas and methods. Experienced trainers were introduce them to the unknown world of cartoons and in nine working days, they have created five unique short cartoon movies. Exchanging their ideas and experiences and getting inspired by the beauty of the place and the daily life, they will choose the subject of the cartoon movie and the message they want to transfer to the people of Thasos and also their communities. Social aspects, like human rights, discrimination, freedom, peace etc. will be highlighted. In the fallowing link there are the product of the project: