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Do Sports, Not Posts!

Between 17-23.08.2016. and 17-23.02.2017., 36 youngsters from 4 countries, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Croatia participated in the projects 'Do Sports, Not Posts!' hosted by A.T.A.



This project involved two Youth Exchanges, the first one during summer season and the second in winter; both in Romania, Eforie Sud and Harghita Mădăraș respectively.

The aims of these mobilities were to promote a more active lifestyle and, at the same time, to spend less time connected to Internet or using new technologies at home.


The groups were composed by deafs, hard of hearing people, interpreters and average hearing people. All together we discovered the different situations in each country of physical activity practice and Internet usage among youngsters. We discussed about possible ways or solutions, from the perspective of the differnt agents of our society, to reverse this current situation where sport practice dedicated time is much lower than Internet navigation dedicated time. Simultaneously, we discovered the particular situation and context of each one of the participants countries, together with part of their culture and gastronomy thanks to our intercultural nights.

The final action of the projects was to design a promotion campaign, with all the processes that it involves (brainstorming, creation of the materials, field work, rehearsals for a final performance...), to crate awareness in the local populations about this dangerous situation which is changing our lifestyle and society and having a big impact in our health and life.

For more information you can check the official website of 'Do Sports, Not Posts!'


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