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Since our last report (in December) the work hasn’t stopped in our herbalism project. Even the winter forced us to spend more time at home, we didn’t waste our time and continued our herbalism workshops with the contribution of the Unitarian Church of Székelyeresztúr, the Lavanda Montana Transylvania and the Youth Assosiation from Transylvania.




On the one hand we were doing the typical back-office work like wrapping, labeling, soap making or lavender bag filling in the kitchen of Moldován-Szeredai Noémi. On the other hand we worked under high pressure on finding interesting and useful topics about herbs for the local people. 

Our second workshop was motivated by the carnival feast, where we didn't only talk about our traditional carnival meals and spices, but we also had the chance to taste almost everybody’s favorite and hand-made fineness: kürtőskalács. Next to these we also learned how to how to prepare our homemade, herbal bath-ball in an easy way.

Our third herbalism workshop was a special and unique event. Thanks to our volunteers from Turkey we had the opportunity to meet face-to-face the Turkish culture and traditional gastronomy. Besides the interesting and fascinating presentation we got some practical ideas from the Turkish cuisine too. Together with the Turkish girls we prepared our first Turkish sweets, called cezerye. Additionally, but motivated by the feast season we also opened the door to look for common points between the Christian feast time and the muslim Ramadan time. After the workshop the attendance stayed a bit more for chatting and looking for some common words between the Turkish and Hungarian language.

You can check the summarized videos of the workshops here:

Currenly, since the spring has arrived there are more outside works. In the beginning of March we planted lavender seeds and started to trim the lavender bushes on the field. In the end of April we had an out-of-common week, when 36 youngsters from 6 countries visited Cristuru to learn more about agriculture. On this particular occasion, for three days we went out to experience a bit the life of the local farmers and herbalists.  Upon this we also used our knowledge for hoeing the lavender field. 

Besides the workshops and the field work, we also took contact with the Municipality Garden of Cristuru Secuiesc and the horticultural class of Zeyk Domokos School to help them during their everyday work. During the winter we mainly worked in the greenhouses, but in the beginning of March we went out, to the school garden and vineyards to plant grapes for the next years.

For the future, we are preparing ourselves for the summer festival and market season, to familiarize and show the craft natural products to the public. The closest one is the lavender festival, which will take place on 17th and 18th of June, in Csekefalva. If you are interested in more details watch our promo video and join us!

Lavender Fest '17 - Promo

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