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Autumn break camp in Brasov

"The child is the Divine Life that the adult can live again"

Every fall in Brassó takes place a one-week employment camp for pre-school and schoolchildren which aims to promote community formation, improve speech skills, the transfer of Hungarian cultural values and the learning and practice of English.



This year's camp was held between 30 October and 3 November 2017 where four volunteers from the Youth Association from Transylvania participated  - Kovács Eszter, Tóth Réka Anna, Gülizar Sabunuc, Tóth Anett. Also involved in the implementation of the camp some Petőfi program volunteers: Szamek Lili, Illes Gábor, and their friend Wimmer Zóra.

The camp was working as a rotating stage. The kids arrived at 9 o'clock in the morning. The first session was a folk dance with the big ones and English lesson with the little ones. After the two groups exchanged space. We differentiated the age groups of children, kindergarten and school groups. From 11 o'clock, nursery children could take part in recycling, schoolchildren were able to participate in team building games at the same time. At noon everyone was silent and filled his rumble.

After lunch, the two groups exchanged seats again, then closed the day. Here, we organized a quiet story telling hour where children could share their daily feelings and thoughts with each other.

In the middle of the week, we organized a movie watching afternoon, where children could see a fabulous graphic movie, here the little and the great ages were together.

Also as a joint program, we have introduced substitution games and team-building games. On Friday it was a tale telling day where the children heard the Manó’s fairy tale from Ervin Aranyosi. After they made the “Hablaty Manó” from the tale and played the story.

Friday was also a day of closing day, where they showed the fresh learned English rhymes and folk choreographies to their parents and their creations made during the week could be taken home.

Last week, not only kids but we adults also felt very good. Recalling that statement what is true: “the child is the Divine Life that the adult can live again”. We volunteers were kids again when we laughed, barked, danced, played, painted, chased, cheered and played together.

It will be an unforgettable experience for all of us. The daily smile, joy, verbal expression has always given us new strength. It was good to give and get some miracle every day. And it was nice to feel that what we are doing is really valuable time.

Thanks for the opportunity and we are grateful for the rich memories.

A.T.A volunteers