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Maria Kerman - volunteer from Estonia.

Maria is from Estonia, she is 19 years old and is a volunteer in kindergarten where she is teaching children English.

 She is from a farm in a small village called Lembevere, with almost 100 habitants. She enjoys reading, watching weird movies, drawing and her favourite place to be is in the forest.

Maria wanted to join EVS to put herself to test and discover the world, also to communicate better with others, teach the children English – even if it’s just a little bit and in addition learning Hungarian herself. She heard about EVS already in middle school, but started to look into it more after high school. Before coming here she didn’t expect anything and was ready for new experiences and everything that might come.

oigesuurus She wanted to come here, because she saw a movie about a cute actor who said that spring is very beautiful in Romania. Although she didn’t know very much about   Romania before coming here – she knew that the capital of Romania is Bucharest, that she’s going to Transylvania and Romanian sounds like French, but now she has   learned that people in here are very friendly, kind and nice, that Romania is very big and public transport isn’t the best.

 Right now she is very much enjoying her time here - the weather is nice, people are kind, she’s doing something useful and she loves the yellow house – it already feels   like home.