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Memories of a Spanish exchange

 From 23rd to 28th November 6 youngsters from each country (Romania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia) switched from the cold winter to the hot Cartagena for one week and participated in a youth exchange.

The week wasn't about siesta, but physical activity and healthy lifestyle which we, in my opinion, completed. Indeed, if we did not sit somewhere on an airplane, we surely started a trip by foot to see as much as possible, to taste food we haven't even heard of before, to get to know other cultures and after all card-games, dancing and singing closed our day. For sure, we took part in different project; for example one day we visited a Spanish school where we played with 7-8 years old kids and teached them English, or at the end of one of our trips we could admire the sea or the vale from the pike of one of the mountains. By that we got to know the theoretical background of the Erasmus+ programmes and of course, physical activity. If we had to describe the week through words these would be colorful, instructive and eventful. Olá!