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"Eco Facilitator" meeting at our organization

In July 2017, we joined a strategic training course supported by Erasmus +, which is slowly coming to an end. The project “Eco Facilitator” was submitted by Szatyor Association in Hungary, in partnership with 3 other countries, including Spain, Slovakia and Romania. On behalf of Romania, our association is represented in every movement.

The aim of the project is to train as many coordinators as possible, who can work economically and promote sustainable development, awareness in life and nature protection. In order to achieve this goal, several steps were planned, an application was written and even a so-called help book was written by the project leaders.
The very first meeting was organized in Hungary in July 2017, and then at the end of February 2018 we took part in a mobility event that was invited to organize the training of the project in Spain. Later in April, 10 young people from each country had a chance to take part in the training organized in Biofuel which lasted one week.
In the autumn, the team members met again in Budapest, where the application and the book were put on the table as a theme.
In January, representatives from the organizing countries traveled to Cristuru Secuiesc to make the application and the manual book ready. In the first half of the two-day meeting, there was discussion about what was done so far and then they talked about what to do next. Deadlines were negotiated and even future project ideas were put forward.