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Workshop in the library.

On the 5th and 7th February our volunteers organised a „school break“ crafting event in the city library. Main topic of the workshop was upcycling.

For this workshop, all the volunteers were working together. They made different examples and pitched ideas which finally ended up in the workshop with children.

On the 5th of February – the first workshop, it was possible to make carnival masks which were made out of pizza boxes, „piggy banks“ which were made out of plastic bottles and learn how to braid bracelets out of yarn. There were about 20 children and everyone had a great time. When the crafting was done or somebody needed a break, there were hot tea and cookies waiting.


Second day of the workshop – the 7th of February, there was even a bigger interest for the workshop. There were many children from the first day, but also some new faces. That day’s program was to make a bag out of milk/juice cartons and a turtle out of plastic bottles and pizza boxes.


All of the things were made unique and different from eachother – children had an oppurtunity to use their imagination by decorating and be original. They also had an chance to see many different ways how to upcycle, which objects to use and find out why it is a good thing to do.












Because of this big interest of the workshop, volunteers are now planning to start organizing similar workshop in the library every week, there will be different projects and objects to make, so that children could get more thoughts how to upcycle and give them ideas how to do it by themselves.

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