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Youth Support Systems


Young people are certainly the main target group of Youth in Action, but the Programme does not
overlook all those people and bodies that make it possible for young people to benefit from highly enriching experiences.

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Action 4 of the Youth in Action Programme is specifically targeted at building the capacity of youth workers and organisations to develop quality activities, thus improving the overall quality of the Programme.

This is done, primarily, by providing these important actors with opportunities to develop co-operation and partnerships, to exchange youth work good practice, as well as to receive training. This will strengthen the impact of European co-operation in the field of youth policy and will also support project development under the Youth in Action Programme.

Civil society, youth workers and other actors involved in youth work can apply for a whole range of activities such as job shadowing, feasibility visits, evaluation meetings, study visits and seminars, training courses, as well as partnership building and networking activities.