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New volunteers are a coming!

Due to are awesome experiences with previous volunteer hostings we applied for more in the period between 2019 and 2020, and the National Agency gave us green light! So now with happy heart we can affirm that the Yellow house in Cristuru Secuiesc won’t be empty next year.

 Since 2013 we hosted 60 people from all around Europe and 24 are coming for next year. Until now the volunteers made themselves useful in more than one way, around the city and the surrounding villages. We have a strong connection with the schools and kindergartens of the region, just like with the libraries. We attended festivals and also created a few. Helped at community events and organized them. We made countless workshop, film club and a bunch of other activity. We started our own news portal and radio, thought children about re/upcycling and helped the local community in anyway necessary. The new volunteers will follow are footsteps and will work in the same style and kind as we did before them. Some of them will work in the kindergarten teaching children english, others will work as reporters for our own news portal, another group of them will make puppet shows, others will organize workshops where they will teach about re/upcycling, there’s going to be one who will attend the herbalists in close by villages, and there’s going to be a new job for one person, first time since we start this program one volunteer will try to discover the hidden gems of the rural culture in the region and document, preserve it.

The new volunteers arrive at the first of April only just a few days after the departure of the present group. We hope they going to have a good time here and that they will keep up with the good work that we started here.

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