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The “Counteracting Power abuse” Project is Approved!

The aim of the project is to support young people, teachers, and organizations working with young people, so that they can act with effective tools and know-how to deal with power-based violence against young people.

'Counteracting Power Abuse' is a project co-funded by Erasmus +, in which Permacultura Cantabria, a coordinator in Spain, is working with organizations in Hungary, Romania, Italy and Poland to tackle power-based abuse.


In our collaboration with the project, our association will try to learn about all the types of abuses the project will focus on, and will create dissemination videos of all the meetings. Our goal is to acquire new methods and tools and get acquainted with good practices that we can build into our own work. The specific goal of the project is:

1. Transfer the best practices to counteract power abuse on young people.

2. Acquire new tools and methodologies to counteract power abuse.

3. Increase the level of awareness of real situation that young victims experience in terms of power abuse.

4. Strengthen partnerships at the regional, national and European levels with entities that fight for the same cause.

The project starts with a kick off meeting in Spain, followed by a training course on Emotional management in the same country. After that Italy, Poland and Hungary will host study visits throughout the year 2019.

The project is supported by the European Commission's Erasmus + program.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

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