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Training course on emotional management is Spain

From the 2nd October to 7th of October 2018 Ramales de la Victoria (Spain) was the host of a 6-day training course of the Erasmus+ project: “COUNTERACTING POWER ABUSE.”


Participants from 5 different nationalities attended this activity, which was managed by Permacultura Cantabria. Its objective was to raise awareness about power abuse in nowadays society and counteract the abuse of power by sharing their best practices and emotional management tools so that young people are able to identify this situations and confront them.

Teamwork sessions and visits to local entities that work with disadvantaged groups were also carried out to show how they work to deal with power abuse situations.

After the course, participants had reached a comprehension about the current situation regarding gender violence and gender equality, as well as power abuse situations against other groups (disabled people, ethnic and cultural minorities or youth).

The next step of the project is a study visit to Italy in February 2019.

The project is supported by the European Commission's Erasmus + program.

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