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Minorities and Immigrants eng

Minorities and Immigrants of the European Union, Unite!

The Youth Association from Transylvania organized a Youth Exchange called ”Minorities and Immigrants of the EU, Unite!” which was held in Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania between the 22nd - 29th of September 2012. The exchange brought together 30 young people from Estonia, France, Italy, Portugal and Romania with participants who represent either the majority or the minority groups in each country. In this context Estonia was represented by Estonian, Latvian and Russian ethnics, France by French, Cambodian, Congolese, Moroccan and Vietnamese ethnics, Italy by Italian and Slovenian ethnics, Portugal by Portuguese and Sao Tome and Principe, Romanians ethnics and Romnaia by Romanian, Hungarian and Sekler ethnics. 




The goal of the project was to create a possibility where youth coming from varios minority or majority groups can share their experiences and knowledge, exchange good practices and thus learn from each other. This was achieved through activities based on non formal education, such as games, workshops, theatre forum, brainstorming, meeting and talking openly with politicians, visiting ethnicly and culturally relevant places and so on. Following these, the participants formulated a 10 point petition of the rights and responsibilities of everyone living in the Europea Union. This petition was disseminated both online and in print along with other video and vritten dissemination material. The project also got involved in the nationally organized Day of Non Formal Education, on the 28th of September, by doing a flashmob and by promoting an evaluation tool for validating the outcomes of non-formal education.


All participants received Youthpass certificates following the exchange.