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YIPPEE! We were in Benin too!

Between January 26 and February 3, 2019, the YIPPEE project coordinators' team was in Zinvie, Benin, for a digital storytelling workshop, study visits, and project evaluation.



The last mobility of the project was organized in the Zinvia region, in southern Benin, in Africa, where project coordinators from Hungary, Italy and Romania met with the coordinators in Benin, and where for three days a digital storytelling workshop was delivered for 23 young people from Benin, including 3 volunteers from Romania, France and Portugal, who have long-term volunteer activities in the country. The result of this workshop was 7 digital stories. Here are two of the films made in Benin:

After the 3 days of the workshop, the coordinators conducted study visits at associations that implement medio-environmental activities or help achieve the sustainable development goals. These associations have been a natural reserve that provides training to hunters to hunt and eat responsibly, a similar institution dedicated to protecting the aquatic life of rivers and lakes in southern Benin, and an association that implements monitoring and support for those sustainable development goals of the United Nations, which are critical in Benin.

Afterwards, the YIPPEE project and its results were disseminated in the country capital, Cotonou, for a group of more than 30 students, teachers, journalists and decision-makers in the youth field.
The last day was where the coordinators evaluated the project and where plans were made for the future.