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Open day

On 13th and 14th of March we had an open house and students from Berde Mózes Unitarian High School visited us.  We had workshops about herbalism, upcycling/recycling , radio  and games.  

We had two groups for the workshops – on the first day there were younger children from the first grade and on the second day there were children from 7th grade. Everybody were divided into groups of 5-6 people each so that they could visit all of the workshops.

Workshop about herbalism was happening outside, there our volunteer Sári was teaching kids about different plants, herbs and playing games with them.

DSC 0670

DSC 0222














Upcycling/Recycling project was about enviromental conciousness and crafting. Younger children made a butterfly puzzle out of pizza boxes, 7th graders were shown a video about environment and later had a discussion about recycling/upcycling and its importance. Also played a game about trash sorting and different trash bins.


DSC 0533DSC 0742

In the radio workshop everybody had a chance to have an interview and see how everything works, could ask questions and see the technoology there.

DSC 0515

One workshop was for games – games were different, some were to teach English, some were to develop creative thinking and some were just to have fun.

DSC 0610

Students could see what our volunteers do on daily basis through different activities. We had lots of fun together and learned many things!