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The past present and future of European Union



The Youth Association from Transylvania organized an 8 day trilateral youth youth exchange with Turkey and Hungary. The project was held between october 27 and november 3, 2012 in Zagon village, Covasna County, Romania, for 7 participants coming from each country, 21 in total. As an introduction to the project, we revived our knowledge about the period, life and work of writer Mikes Kelemen, who was active in all 3 countries during the 16th century. Following this, we moved on to develop the 3 main themes of our exchange: 1. Getting to know our cultures and history, especially the ottoman ruling periods; 2. Debating the current state of the European Union with regards to the problems related to the economic chrisis, and the Turkish accession; 3. the view aof the participants regarding the future of the EU and the future of our cooperation in the future. 

Each 3 topics were discussed in the light of rural development and youth unemployment through games, theatree forum, simulation games discussions, debates, etc  which relied on non formal education methods.


In order to give real content to these activities, we also relied on the apperance of guests like historians, EU experts and the local mayor who could give more factual and concrete information and insight on the topics at hand.. Beside these, we made a visit to the burthplace of Mikes Kelemen, to the „Mikes Oaks” which were planted on the date of his birth, to the Mikes Museum in Zagon and we travelled to Lake Saint ann and the nearby peat bog, to Targu Secuiesc and the crafts Museum and from there, to a Ceangau museum. DSCN0019

The aim of the exchange was to revive in the youth the common past of our countris so that we better understand the present situation of the EU and like this, to be able to plan for the future. In order to document our activities, we also decided to create a small magazin, showing what we did and felt during the exchange. 
The participants were hosted in an accomodation run by the mayor’s office where there were 22 beds, a big conference room and where food was also catered for us. Using the non formal activities, it was possible for the participants to acquire personal and professional skills, competencies and attitudes which werw certified through a Youthpass certificate issued on the last day of the project.