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Paula, the eye of our organization

Hello I am Paula. I was born in spring, in a town in the center west of Spain. The town is called Gilbuena and the people who live there are called Moragatos.

From the environment that surrounds it, the people who inhabit it and of course from my family, I have learned the most fundamental values that I always carry where the road extends. Since I was Little, I was always very active. This fact led my parents to join me in some sports where I could channeled my energy, let the people around me rest (especially my sister), make the nights calmer and the hours of sleep lengthen. During my youth mostly i practiced soccer, a sport that taught me to value teamwork, learn to lose and enjoy victories. As I have grown up I have learned where I like to expend my energy and effort. I like outdoor sports and nature, listen to people attentively when they speak, observe the phases of the moon, read books to learn and keep my illusions alive. I like the cold mist of the sunrises and the reflection in the face of the warm light of the sunsets. I like to eat new things, discover new places and the sound of waterfalls. I like the details in general. Listen to stories of people who are not known by their names, look into their eyes, observe the amazing perfection of nature, share time, space or whatever I have, fix broken things and give another use to those things that people leave, laugh during the night, the day and at all hours, embalm the heart with music and see the stars at night with the heat of a bonfire. I like to know that I forget many things to mention and I like the feeling that I have much to discover and learn in life. One of the things that I like the most, to which I dedicate more energy and effort today, is Photography. That is also the reason that has brought me for 5 months long to Cristuru Secuiesc, a town that is part of the Transylvanian region inside of Romania, and to work with people who are part of A.T.A organization (Youth Association From Transylvania) developing a Project dedicated to the rural world of this region. The program through which I am participating is Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs, during it’s lenght of time we will create and develop a website ( where we will upload all the projects and reportages we will carry out in these months. I will be working up with writting Project process, creating audiovisual (Photography and Video) content and learnig about NGO management and all what will involve rural traditions activities. A.T.A will bringh me the past experience they have, and also the support for all the upcoming movements. It is the new project where I will leave a piece of my heart and I will fill it with all the learning at the same time. Let's go there, let’s the adventure starts.