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Team Building Report

After being together for three days, we are going to list and explain here below our impressions and suggestions about the experience.

 To star of with we believe that the experience was useful to know each other a bit more in depth. In particular the activities gave us a first yet important understanding of how we can work in a team. Some activities, however, didn’t seem to fit perfectly in the purpose of the whole experience, such as the sep-forward game. Thus, we would suggest activities that focus more on knowing each other through more active team games, for example, team treasure hunting.

 Secondly, we’d like to make a suggestion that you might want to take into consideration for the next team building. Instead of staying three days in a place that is not so different to our day-to-day environment, maybe it could be of a better value doing games and activities here in loco and then go once to another city, like Sighisoara for instance, to have dinner and spend a night out all together. In this way we believe that the volunteers would be more willing to open up since they would find themselves immerged in a social context closer to what they usually experience.

 It was cool to meet also the other local volunteers and get to know them through the speed-dating game. We believe that it was important for us to understand that we are part of a much broader project that aim to have a positive impact on the local community.

To sum up, the overall experience was positive and inclusive although something may need to be revised and done in a different and more purpose-focus way. We appreciate the concept behind the initiative and we believe it served right its goal. Nonetheless, we believe that the volunteer would have benefitted more from immerge themselves in a different and more social environment. Last but not least, in our estimation the experience gave us the chance to go beyond the initial embarrassment that people, who don’t know each other, would inevitably feel at the beginning.