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Mese Mühely Report

This is the report about our impressions of the first activity that we made: “Mese Mühely”.

• First of all it is important to talk about the preparation for the activity. The main theme was decided by Doloresa and Carmen. Also with my help, we took inspiration from the internet resource for the realization of the materials we used and for the creation of this, we recycled some cardboard and paper. Working in a group was not difficult, because our ideas were similar. After showing each one its own ideas, we managed to find an agreement immediatly. Secod of all, Marco and me, with the help of Doloresa, prepared the poster for the activity. This was the first time we worked with that program (Canva), and it was easy and interesting experience.

• Regarding the activity, we did not expect that many children would come, but we prepared enough material for all of them. At the beginning we had a bit of tension as we didn't really know how to relate with them, also because of the language barriers. Fortunately Réka was with us and gave us a great help, breaking the ice by introducing us and our activity to them. Once the activity started we all were more relaxed and comfortable with the environment and we were able to help them even with simple gestures and words. Not everyone understood what the task was, but overall we noticed that the majority of them were having fun.

In conclusion, we can be enough satisfied with the work we did. In general, the children actively participated in the activity, laughing and sharing their work with others. The next time we make activity, we will know how to create relationships with them faster, and also be more helpful for those who need the help the most.