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Kindergarten Crafting Activity Report

We decided to do this activity with the aim of recycling some material and planting beans and lentils since it is spring.

  In this way children can easily see how the plant born and grows, using recycle material and decorating it with tempera. The original idea was, therefore, to build a vertical garden, as shown in the picture.

With the preparation of the material and the team work we did not have any problems. The only problem was that we did not expect children so young. For this reason we were initially unprepared and Paula and me did half of the work for the children, because it would have been too difficult for they. Meanwhile Carmen and Doloresa were dancing and singing English songs with the kids. Once ready, the children started to painting the bottles. Once we finished tempering, we’ve put beans and lentils in wet cotton and then we’ve put it all inside the bottles.
I don't think the children understood what the purpose of the activity was, but we noticed that they enjoyed using tempera and getting their hands dirty. For the next time, before organizing an activity, we should be sure of the age of the children for whom the activity is. In that way we can prepare something that everyone can do and understand.