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Morning activities in the Liceul Teoretic Orbán Balázs School

For us this was the first time working all together. At the beginning trying to organize different activities and finding an agreement between everyone was not the simplest thing – we are all hotheads in our own way.


It was also difficult because the majority of us are not used to prepare activities for children and youth. Once overcome the first difficulties and once having prepared everything, we thought we were ready for the first day. When we arrived at school we immediately realized that our organization was not the best, and between us communication failures. When the first moments of panic were brought under control, we started the activities with the children. Fortunately, children do not need much to have fun, and we also were more relaxed. We played bowling; we did origami and also painted with them. Despite some communication problems, due to the language, they had fun with us, like us, with them.
The second day was better than the first. We learned the lesson of the previous day and we arrived at school prepared and ready to carry out our activities, everyone with his task. The second day was different from the first also because of the age of the students- they were between 13 and 15, and communicate with them was easier. For these reason we chose activities that were not only fun, but activities in which they also had to think and work in team. During the morning they didn't seem bored at all, so we think they appreciated what we had prepared for them.

For us it was a challenge, and even though everything was not perfect, we were able to reach our goal! We still have a lot to learn and we can't wait to test ourselves.