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The Eco-Facilitators project ended through a final meeting in Slovakia

On May 26-27 the coordinators of the “Eco-Facilitators for the Sustainable Future” Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership met in Slovakia, in the small village of Karva, to evaluate the 2 year long project and to finalize the final outstanding tasks needed to finish it.

The 8 project managers from Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and Romania started the closing meeting of the project with the evaluation of the multiplier event organized the day before. Then they moved on to review the whole timeline of the project and evaluate each of its major mobilities, activities and tasks. Following these two evaluations it was concluded that the project achieved very promising results that through the Guidebook, but mainly through the web-platform, the sustainability of the project is well under way and that even though there were challenges on the level of communication, the cooperation in the past 2 years was all in all a success.

The next points in the agenda of the meeting focused on the outstanding tasks, from which the main ones were finalizing the translation of the 2 intellectual outputs, disseminating them and writing the financial and narrative reports. Once these were discussed and deadlines were made for each of these, we also took some time to enjoy the beautiful countryside environment and the Danube river.

As we conclude this 2 year adventure, all partners in this project feel that it was a successful endeavor and urge any eco-minded reader to check out our web platform and contribute to it if they have other similar activities to add to it, which could be useful for future eco-facilitators.