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EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT: Tool to Fight Social Media Dependency

We, the staff of the Youth Association from Transylvania are extremely happy to announce that we were approved a Strategic Partnerships for School Education named EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT: Tool to Fight Social Media Dependency. The special power of this 24 month long project starting in October 2019 is the local and international cooperation of 9 entities, 1-1-1 secondary school, NGO and the local government from Spain, Portugal and Romania in order to train teachers in emotional management, to enable them to support high school age youth facing social media and internet caused addiction and other negative effects.


In this project we want to tackle the challenges that parents and teachers have to face with in the every days. Due to the high intensity of social media usage among the youngsters false self-images are created about how they should look like, how they should act, what they should say, and how they should behave with their surroundings. We observe this unreal identity crises at our schools and our local community as well. The deformation of ones’ self-image easily leads to depression, and bullying.

The innovative solution what this cooperation offers, is to train the teachers and parents how to realize the false images, and its destructive nature. The training focuses on emotional management at the schools as well as at home. We believe that emotional management can be the key to the success of reducing digital bullying, false need to belong, peer pressure, lack of confidence and depression.

To make sure that all these plans are achieved, four international training activities and the creation of intellectual outputs is planned for the next 24 months. The first training will be done in Spain and aims to train the teachers in the methodology of emotional management. The next 3 job shadowing activities done in the schools of all 3 countries in the project aim to allow exchange of best practices in doing emotional management support for high school students, but also in school and classroom management. After each of these 4 training activities, the teachers will pass on the gained knowledge and experience to their teacher and psychologist colleagues through local, in-school training events.

The first intellectual output in the project is a wide and deep research on national and international level on social media dependency, cross reference with the school problems and how these problems can be solved with the methodology of emotional management. The second intellectual output of the project will be a guidebook of the used emotional management methodology; 100 activities, tests, gestures, games or any approach that supports this process and the results of its implementation

Besides all these, three project management meetings will also be done to support these phases, one Kick-off Meeting in Romania, in the end of November in 2019, one Middle Meeting in Portugal, in September 2020, and one Evaluation Meeting in August 2021, in Romania. To disseminate the outcomes of the project, mainly the 2 Intellectual Outputs, each NGO will be in charge of implementing a Multiplier Event for relevant target groups. These will be done in July 2021.


This project is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Program. Stay tuned for more updates and if you wish to find out more about the project and how YOU can be involved in it, write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..