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The TRY Project is well under way

After the training implemented in Portugal for the teachers and after the summer vacation has ended for the vocational school, we continued with the local tasks of the TRY project.



The first order of business was to refresh the memory of the whole team of VET school teachers, NGO staff and mayoral office staff regarding the outstanding tasks mostly all related to the five intellectual outputs. To achieve this an updated timeline was created which was then discussed in a meeting held in the Zeyk Domokos Vocational School, in mid-October.

Following this, the final guidelines of intellectual output 5, “TRY our Games” was created and sent to the international partners. With this guideline all vocational schools could and did launch the competition which will decide the two teams of students with the best school games or product ideas that will in the future ensure the sustainability of the schools. The Romanian judging of the competition was done in the beginning of November. We are proud of the two games developed by the selected teams and are confident that they will represent us well at the December winners' meeting in Portugal.

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During all this the teachers and the NGOs were busy doing non-formal classes in the schools which were also documented on film and sent to the Portuguese filmmaker who will produce the documentary of the project.

All these activities ware extremely exciting time for us, because it is the moment when we can se the effects of our research, planning an training bear fruit, through concrete local activities that bring positive change in the lives of the students of the vocational school.

Follow our website, or our page to get updates on how this project progresses and for instructions on how to get involved in the project.