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The recycling team, now with the incorporation of a new turkish volunteer (Berat), keeps working on new, refreshing and interesting activities to show the kids how easy to reuse materials for creating new and useful products can be. We’ve made dozens of different new workshops during these months, but we would like to higlight the following two:



Women’s Day:
Women’s day is about symbolizing women and for children to give a gift to their mothers, the most important person in their lives. Out of the hands of the capitalist system, kids discover what they can do with their own hands instead of buying something. We used a piece of a plastic bottle, sticks, corks, water paint and glue to obtain a colorful flower from children’s colorful world.

Pencil Case:
We can assure this was our favourite workshop by so far. And this was due to the great enthusiasm the children puto on their work. We used bottles of milk, colored papers, scissors and glue. And now, a lot of kids have their own craftmade suitcases!

See you in the next update!