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ATA volunteers at the Night of the Museums

On Thursday (15. 06. 2017) our volunteers participated in the international event called Night of the Museums, which is a cultural event  in which museums and cultural institutions in an area cooperate to remain open late into the night to introduce themselves to new potential patrons. This time it took place in the garden of Cristuru Secuiesc’ city museum (Molnár István Museum)



Our Recycling team took care of the activities with little children; they had a really great idea to make little houses out of used boxes. It wasn’t an easy task for kids, but Gülizar; Cléo; Tomas; Berat and Feri (translator) were there to help in need. Everyone liked the colorful houses and enjoyed the well spent time.


Herbatea was the original title of the place of Ica and Emese. Each girl made tasty tea from different kind of herbs.  Kids could taste every type and smell the special flavor of them. They could also make tea bags, not simple bags, but heart shaped ones.  


Youngsters really enjoyed the board game, what Gabi prepared from recycling stuff. She also helped Ica and the recycling team when they needed, talk with the children, get some information from other activities and also try them out, while taking photos of everything.  Her new teammate Uvis was responsible to take pictures too.kép2.jpg