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Youth Exchange in Slovenia

On 24th of June started the Street Games youth exchange in Slovenia, that involved youngsters between the age of 15-17. From the 21 participants, 7 came from Cristuru Secuiesc.



Before the exchange local students had the opportunity to spend one day in Venice, Italy. Later they travelled to the Slovenian little town.

You can read the details of the exchange below:  Report from day to day by local youth

„On Saturday (24.06.2017) started the Slovenian Youth Exchange in Trbovlje, it had specific topic: street games.  There were 15-17 years olds, just as we are. They came from Slovenia, Portugal and Romania.
I really liked the first day, after breakfast we had introduction games. We enjoyed it so much and we made friends with a lot of good people, meanwhile we could develop our English knowledge, because in each game we played and in every program, we participate, we only spoke English. After this we had a little break, during the break, everybody tried to know each other better and communicate, as we could.
We had a great conversation about our expectations, fears, and how can we add something to this project. After that we were separated by groups and we had little tasks to develop our abilities for the youthpass. Next we ate lunch in a nice restaurant, it was delicious.
Afternoon we participate in a Treasure Hunt, that helped us to explore the city. At night we had diner and talked about the activities of the day, it was some kind of reflection.  This day went wonderfully, i don’t regret anything. I made friends from other countries, my English got better, and I got experiences”


„On Sunday we were in different groups, and our task was to make a new game from old ones. It helped me to practice English, because the participants of the group were randomly selected. We started to talk about ideas, it went easy. After lunch we went to the city. There were two groups, one half did the „escape room”, the other half had sightseeing. I started with the other half, I really enjoyed…we were laughing a lot. When we tried the escape room, it became my favorite. In the Sherlock Holmes room we had to get out only using codes and keys, we’d maximum 70 to do it. This game improved my way of thinking and also my logic. Solving it was an experience for a lifetime. During diner we could recall our memories, what we did that day.  On the whole I felt great, I can’t wait to come to this place again, to these wonderful people, friends, who I got to know during the week. This is unforgettable for me.”


„Monday morning, after breakfast, we met in the club, where we started our daily program. A game maker visited us, and he shared his experiences of game making.  He told us, what we should pay attention for. In my point of view the tips and tricks were useful. We based many things on them.
After the presentation, we started to do our own game, the day before we didn’t have any idea; we continued working on the idea. We were thinking so long, but finally found one, that everybody liked, so we started our game.
We became so happy and energetic, because we created a cool thing. I couldn’t wish a better team, every teammate had the ability to communicate with the other, nobody was lazy, I was satisfied with my situation. As soon as we finished one part, we started the next one.  It was kind of chain-reaction, ideas after ideas and then we got the main idea. When we thought everything is in order, started to make it true, to have concretes. I felt so proud. I felt also good, while working on the game, time flew so fast.
We tried out table tennis with Slovenian boys, we also played table football and listen music in the club. We were on the same wavelength.
This was the best from the entire program, because I could be with them and talk. We had no language problem; we all speak English very well. I taught them Hungarian, and I learned basic Slovenian. We learned a lot from each other and made friendship for a lifetime.”


“We started Wednesday with breakfast and meeting in the club, the energizer came later. After everybody woke up, we continued developing the games. Each team’s game reached the last section, as the critic arrived, tried out and criticized all of the games. Most of us got positive feedback and some advices.  Then we had to answer a question individually. Which game we would buy and how much for.
Everybody was satisfied and after lunch we could rest.”


“Thursday started earlier, because we wanted to visit an adventure park, but the weather didn’t let us to do it. So the organizers changed the program; before lunch we played together and summarized the week. At noon we could choose between visiting a museum and going to a bowling bar. We chose the bar, it was in another city not so far by bus, and our afternoon was spent there. Then we got back to Trbovlje, and tried out each other’s games. My group made a board game with the topic: fast food and healthy food. The winner is the one, who gains more weight. Other creative games like the mix of Jenga and Uno; tic-tac-toe on new level; expanded Bingo. We finished the night with party and said goodbye.”

The summarization of the Youth Exchange was made by the participants: Mónika Deák, Andrea Székely, Milutin Atanackovic, István Kuti, Zsófia Pál and Balázs Fazakas.