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Travelling through cultures during the Youth Week

On 12th of June 2017 started the ATA Youth Week, which was organized by our association. This Year the topic was Cultural Shock. Local volunteers started organizing the 5 day long program months ago, it took place in different places of Cristuru Secuiesc .



Our main goal was to introduce Europe to Transylvania, that’s why the topic is cultural shock. Through their experiences they could form it into a youth week. Every day was different, other nationality, different habits and history. On Monday Africa was in the middle, the youngsters paraded with African animals, later they learned how to bound babies to their back. They had to do the obstacle race with that. On Tuesday the topic was Japan, sport day the Japanese way.  Firstly they had a competition in addition to eastern culture, and then two hours long game “number war” in the forest of Sóskút.


On Wednesday there was 6 game in 6 different place of the city. They had 40 minutes to solve the problems. Tasks: making a group photo; answering quiz questions; treasure hunting and double talk.


On Thursday the topic was about a more sophisticated culture, France. The groups could play in a special place, the only museum of the city : Molnár István Museum. The day was also special, because The Night of the Museums were organized everywhere in the country. They made database, took photos and collected many things. An enormous game took place there, then photos were taken of them in French styled clothes.
On Friday according to America, rap music, marshmallow and hamburger were the most important elements. The price for the good teams (every team) was of course hamburger. Then they played Just Dance, which was really funny. During that program the organizers made the decision about the winners.

1. Unikornisok

2. Dicsértessék

3. Sportolók

They won for example useful tools that help during travelling and tour. The first one got an experience day in the Balu Park.


The Youth Week was supported by many local shops and company. Thanks to Székelykeresztúr Város Önkormányzata and Keresztúri Kistérség.